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Tire Pressurecap - Cartline Store
Tire Pressurecap - Cartline Store

Tire Pressurecap

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Addition information

Tire detection warning cap
Backlight: red, green and yellow
Material: plastic copper core
Product material: plastic
Product size: Small mini tire pressure cap
Battery type: Physical principle to measure tire pressure
Resolution: High precision tire pressure monitor
Specifications: Copper core plastic core
Type: tire pressure measuring agent
Range: tire overpressure
Spotlight: real-time monitoring
Model: Four loaded A products B products
Pressure display range: high pressure and low pressure weight 40g
Accuracy: Valve warning cap
Measuring range: tire pressure gauge
Item: tire pressure cap
Color: B plastic core, A copper core
Parameters: 2.4BAR, visual monitoring tire pressure cap, car tire tire pressure warning cap, free tire pressure monitoring, free tire detection, valve cap tire pressure cap
Description: Visual warning box, universal tire pressure gauge, car tire metal valve cap, high-precision car tire pressure monitor, vehicle tire detection warning cap valve warning cap

Copper core (recommended purchase)

Made of pure copper material, the inner core pure copper has a strong pressure resistance, guarantees the use of medium pressure resistance, is not easy to damage, safe and airtight.
Plastic core
The plastic core is made of plastic material, so if the inner core color is black, it is a plastic core.

Tri-color warning - different tire pressures show different colors

* Under the standard tire pressure, the transparent window should be green, the vehicle is running normally (about 2.3Bar), so green represents safety (normal tire pressure).
*The tire pressure is lower than the standard by about 10%, the transparent window should be yellow, and the air is timely (2.0-2.3bar), so yellow represents the warning (the tire pressure is low).
*The tire pressure is lower than the standard by about 25%, and the transparent window is red.
That is, qi (less than 2.0 bar), so red represents danger (tire pressure is too low).

  • Color : Coppercore, Plasticcore